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Hello "jooii" - Retail and Ecommerce industry AI model by 91APP

91APP, the first native SaaS company listed in Taiwan, announced the retail AI service, “jooii” (Joint Omni-channel-Oriented Insightful Intelligence), at the D2C X AI Summit Taiwan.

jooii 91APP AI

What is jooii?

“jooii” utilizes AI technologies such as NLP, ML, and data analysis to extract valuable information from data and provide intelligent recommendations to enhance clients' operational efficiency. In March, 91APP launched "One-Click Copywriting" and "One-Click Insights" in May to quickly generate product descriptions and grasp data conclusions.

Starting in Sep 8, users can find and install jooii from the ChatGPT Plugin Store and enjoy using the shopping assistant developed by 91APP. This recognition marks jooii as one of the innovators showcased on the ChatGPT platform.

91APP jooii chatgpt plugin

91APP jooii chatgpt plugin

91APP ChatGPT plug-in

D2C solution

With the growing D2C (Direct to Consumer) trend and market demand, 91APP, as a retail digital enabler, provides ecommerce cloud solution. It offers a robust commerce engine that integrates various service stages of retail, achieving the integration of people, places, and goods.

According to Happy Li (CPO of 91APP), the current shopping scenarios are no longer simply categorized as online or offline. Various sales models, such as micro influencers, group buying, and even chatbots, can directly lead to adding items to the shopping cart, all of which are considered new shopping scenarios. In response to these ever-changing scenarios, 91APP modularizes the shopping process, to make it more flexible and adaptable to different technological requirements in various scenarios, allowing consumers to make purchases more easily.

In terms of the integration of "goods" in the virtual and physical realms, 91APP has introduced a new inventory management system called "IMS". Brands can sync inventory with online shop, retails shops and other wholesale channels, achieving diverse fulfillment and resolving distribution and shipping issues across multiple platforms.

Through the ecommerce solution, brands collect comprehensive first-party data, including member, orders, and visitor OMO behavior. The data can be used in our marketing cloud CDP, including user segmentation, and personalized messages delivery. This significantly enhances advertising effectiveness and returns, driving the overall sales cycle.

E-commerce (transactions) and digital marketing (traffic) are the two major tracks of Internet development. 91APP assists customers by leveraging the digital marketing solution to establish an exclusive data hub and uses data application as the core to attract traffic and generate new business opportunities across virtual and physical channels. Additionally, 91APP actively helps brands connect with major media platforms to address the challenges of the cookie-less era.


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