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D2C ecommerce
less friction, more conversion

Ecommerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, OMO Cloud
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eShop + APP
boost omni-channels sales

電商營運 提升品牌電商業績動能
eShop + APP with advanced customization
  • One backend to control Website, iOS APP and Android APP functions and UI

  • Besides physical goods, can also support virtual products, e-cash coupons, etc

Scale your online business
  • Batch product upload, return management system, batch order fulfilment, etc

  • Dashboard with real-time sales data, attribution models, to quickly grasp the key growth factors

Inventory control
  • Real-time inventory sync with online and offline stores, enhance operation efficiency across all channels

Multiple promotion mechanism
  • Discount campaigns, loyalty points, online and offline coupons, VIP member price, etc

  • In-APP live, KOL/KOC pages, member get member promotions, etc

Streamline customer experience
  • Product auto-tagging, brand pages, multiple-layer categories, etc

  • AI (powered by jooii) product description and marketing content generation

Sell anytime, anywhere
  • Localized language, currency and store front

  • Cross border shipment to over 100 countries

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First-party data x
CRM integration

數據驅動 全渠道會員經營
AI purchase intention with personalization
  • Member segmentation based on product view, search, AI purchase intention, etc

  • Schedule automatic messages to engage with targeted customers

Omni-channel member management
  • Through member segmentation report, attribution models, etc to gain in-depth member behavior analysis

Integrate online/store data to build CRM
  • Build first-party member CRM by connecting online and offline member behavior, sales record, etc

Connect brand data with ad platforms
  • First-party member data integrate with digital ad platforms, increase conversion rate

  • Server-side integration with Facebook CAPI, Google enhanced conversion

Diverse membership tier setting
  • Flexible membership tier setting with rewards such as coupons, birthday gifts, etc to increase member loyalty

Bring in new traffic via CDMP
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Online merge offline (OMO)
retail strategy

線上線下融合 門市OMO轉型
Encourage omni-channel sales
  • Encourage store pickup by distributing gift vouchers and store-only coupons to customers

  • Retail staff can send online coupons, free shipping code, and help customers add products to cart

Digital linkage between staff/customers
  • By scanning retail staff QR code, customers can register and download brand APP within seconds

Monitor OMO contribution from store
  • Retail staff can "bind" customers' online actions (e.g. purchase) for commission calculation

  • OMO reports enable decision makers to have a comprehensive view of store performance

Upgrade service level
  • Exclusive "Frontline" portal (mini CRM) can enable retail staff to check customers shopping behavior


Growth engine


Integrate online and store data to build brand assets


Operation efficiency

Single admin panel to operate website, APP and CRM



Connect to MarTech platform and other systems (e.g. WMS)

Enterprise level infrastructure

Limitless bandwidth

  • SLA 99.8%, 24/7 monitoring, data backup, disaster recovery plan

SOC 2 certification

  • SOC 2 compliance, private data encryption, stress test simulation, DDoS attack prevention, etc

Enterprise cloud computing

  • Leverage Amazon AWS cloud and Google GCP cloud for data storage, can handle data transfer effectively


Why brands choose 91APP?


Since switching to 91APP, online sales has skyrocketed by 4 times,  with 70% of all orders coming from APP. We look forward to reaching new heights in the coming years.

Sa Sa Hong Kong ​


We believe we are the first company in the seafood industry to offer shopping through an APP. Currently, online orders account for over 10% of our total revenue.

Premier Food


With 91APP, we were able to integrate customer purchasing habits with retail data analysis, allowing us to offer personalized promotions to improve customer experience.




Unlock new revenue potential without overhead


online orders

from APP


online orders driven

by retail staff


AI member

segment CVR


OMO member

purchase value

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