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One unified panel to control Ecom, APP and CRM

Ecommerce + APP + CRM is the winning formula for D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) shopping websites! By utilizing enterprise-level CRM module, different customer segments can be identified, coupled with personalized marketing and native iOS and Android apps to achieve the best online shopping experience.

Whether it's retail brands or online stores like Sasa, Eu Yan Sang, Apita Uny, CU APP, MyDress, Qmomo, etc., they all unanimously recommend using 91APP's solution.


Personalized APP push to increase CVR

Using personalized APP push notifications, the average conversion rate of members visiting the website within 7 days can reach as high as 9%

3 tips for APP push notification

  1. Product discount pair up with words such as "limited quantity"

  2. Create landing page

  3. APP exclusive products or discount


6 data dimensions to create over 100 member segments

The brand's first-party data, which includes member behavior and transaction data accumulated from Web and APP, is a highly valuable asset. Our CRM tool can create over 100 different user segments by combining the 6 major dimensions of big data (for example, users who have claimed free shipping coupons and added items to their shopping carts in the past 7 days but have not made a purchase). Personalized app push notifications can then be sent to these segments.

91APP also utilizes AI models to predict user shopping behavior. On average, AI segmented users' conversion rate can reach 4.55%.

91APP x WhatsAPP chat commerce

91APP x WhatsAPP
Chat Commerce

Build an omni-channel CRM membership system that utilizes live chat and chatbot to communicate with members, thereby enhancing sales conversion. Utilize 91APP's unique "segmentation" feature to quickly identify suitable member groups, create exclusive offers, and distribute them through WhatsApp. Retail clients such as Sasa, Eu Yan Sang, and more are using it every day.

* WhatsAPP integration is provided by our partner: Omnichat


Integrate online and offline members, points, coupons, and inventory

Establish a single membership identity, and connect member benefits such as gifts, points, tiers, and coupons across all channels, creating a consistent omnichannel member journey.

​If retailers already have enterprise-level CRMs like Sales Force, SAP, etc., 91APP's professional development team can also integrate with the relevant systems to achieve the OMO (Online Merges with Offline) architecture.

OMO Showcase:

Integrate with Eu Yan Sang's Microsoft D365 CRM

Integrate with Citistore and Apita Uny's DN POS

omo integration retail staff online order

OMO integration create win-win situation

Retail staff can utilize tools such as the Frontline Portal to encourage customers to download APP or register as member. Customers can then choose the specific staff as their referrer. In the future, online purchases made by these customers will be included in the commission calculation for the respective staff, providing additional motivation for the staff to promote the APP. Business owners can also use the referrer performance reports to evaluate effectiveness and develop tailored strategies.


OMO members contribute twice as much in terms of revenue compared to purely offline or purely online members.


Technology Voucher Program (TVP) funding support up to HKD 600K

All of 91APP's solutions are eligible for applying for the Technology Voucher Program (TVP). Each enterprise can receive a maximum funding of HKD 600,000 to be used for adopting technology services and solutions, enhancing productivity, or upgrading and transforming business process.

Over the past few years, 91APP has accumulated a significant number of successful TVP application cases, feel free to reach us for more details.

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