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D2C digital transformation

Customer-centric experience | Driving sales with data


First-party data
is key for long-term growth

d2c brand traffic data

Omni-channel integration
and member segmentation

D2C Website
  • First touchpoint for new customers to know more about your brand

  • Focus on VIP members

  • Higher repeat purchase rate and AoV

  • Excellent service

  • Retail staff can help promote OMO concept

Other channels
  • For example, build WhatsApp social community

Data integration
to boost online sales

D2C 強化數據整合及應用 驅動品牌營運成長
Build CDP
  • Integrate online and offline sales order, inventory, membership tier, points, coupons, etc

Leverage data to improve LTV
  • Loyalty program to increase customers LTV

  • Provide personalized message based on customer behavior and interests

OMO data integration
enhance traffic and improve ad ROAS

D2C 虛實融合創造消費升級 發揮品牌流量綜效
OMO connects customers, retailers and brands
  • Build a seamless brand experience centered around the customer

  • Digitally empowered retailers can assist in-store and online sales, creating omni-channel performance growth for the brand

Targeted audience to improve ROAS
  • Utilize brand data to enhance advertising effectiveness and CVR

Customers, retailers, brands
drive OMO growth cycle

customers, retailers, brands drive OMO growth
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